How to Have a Kids’ Puppy Dog Birthday Party

Young kids love pets – especially dogs. Nicole Franklin, of Middleburg, FL, decided to capitalize on her son’s love of puppies by planning a Puppy Dog Picnic themed party for his first birthday. Use some of her ideas along with your own to plan the perfect birthday party for your dog crazed child.

How to Make Puppy Dog Birthday Party Invitations

Puppy dog invitations can be made at home with colored paper and a computer. Use Microsoft Word to insert puppy dog clip art onto a blank document. Change the dog clip art from color to black and white and insert a text box onto the top of the graphic.

Write the party details in the text box underneath the poem, “A Puppy Picnic will be so much fun, and will help us celebrate Sam turning one! With lunch, games and a cool puppy cake, this is one birthday picnic you’ll just have to make!”

Next type the phrase, “Join us for a tail-waggin’ good time!” onto an outline of a bone and print both graphics out on colored paper. Cut out the shapes and glue the bone onto the bottom of the dog’s feet.

How to Make a Puppy Dog and Dog Bowl Birthday Cake

Baking your own puppy-themed birthday cake can be easy to do. Bake two 9-by-13-inch cakes and freeze them overnight. Place them on top of each other and cut the top layer at an angle to form a small hill. Frost the cake and decorate it to look like puppy construction site.

Bake two 6-inch circular cakes and cut and frost them to form a dog dish. Fill the dog dish cake with chocolate donut holes that resemble dog food and place a toy dump truck next to it so that it looks like the truck is dumping the food into the dish. Next secure the dump truck to the cake with toothpicks behind the wheels. Add a plastic toy dog and plastic construction workers to the top of the cake to complete the dog bowl theme.

Puppy Dog Birthday Party Games

Create dog themed games that are fun for all ages.

  1. Pin the Bone on the Puppy is a party game that all kids can play. To make your own paint a dog’s face on a large white poster board and glue folded construction paper ears on it. Cut bone shapes out of brown paper and place tape on the back of each one. The children take turns placing the bones on the puppy poster.
  2. The Hot Dog Game is modeled after the classic children’s game hot potato. The kids sit in a circle and pass a toy dog around the circle as music played. When the music stops the child who is holding the dog was out. The game continues until there is only one child left.
  3. Fetch the Dog Food gets kids moving outside in the backyard. Spread ball pit balls all over the backyard and place a small kid’s pool on the patio. Invite the children outside and tell them that a big dog has made a mess of his food and has gotten it all over the backyard. Explain to them that they have to collect all the food (balls) and place them back in the big dog dish.

Puppy Dog Birthday Party Food

Serve picnic food with a puppy theme at the birthday party. The main dish is, of course, hot dogs and macaroni salad. Set out bowls filled with Scooby Snack crackers and Puppy Chow cereal party mix for the guests to snack on.

Nicole’s son and his guests had lots of fun at their Puppy Dog Picnic. She would recommend this party theme for any young dog lover and felt that it was perfect for a multi-age crowd.

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