From the Breeder

       Our goal in breeding  is to produce healthy Karelians with the right character, temperament and
    conformation in line with the breed standard,  and to share this wonderful rare breed with loving
    families that feel as strongly about them as we do.
       Our puppies are raised in our home, not a kennel.  They're part of our family while they're here
    and  in our daily lives.  By the time your new family member is ready for their new home, they
    usually know how to "sit",  we've also worked on "down", and they are generally potty trained.  
        Both parents have been health tested, including eyes and hips.  All puppies are sold with a full
    written health guarantee ensuring that each will be free of any genetic health defects and in general
    good health.  They will  be identified by a micro-chip prior to going to their new home, be de-
    wormed and have their first shots.  We recommend a health check by your vet within 72 hours of
    arrival at their new home.
        Our puppies are available on a very limited basis, and we are very selective about their
    placement. If you are approved, we try to match our waiting list of puppy families personalities and
    needs with those of our puppies. We take our responsibility very seriously.  It is very important to
    us that each puppy be placed in the right home environment for them to flourish.  We as
    individuals all have personalities, and so do they.  Between the age of  7 and 8 weeks, each puppy
    will be temperament tested with the help of a professional trainer.  It's important that the testing be
    done by someone unfamiliar with the pups.  It's also very interesting for me to observe the puppy's
    individual reaction to a stranger, and how they follow their direction.  The testing is also done in a
    new and different environment, and their reaction to this also tells alot.  This test, along with my
    observations of the puppies to that point,  will guide the placement process into homes, by helping
    to identify general personality traits.  They will be evaluated on sociability, dominance, obedience
    potential and prey drive.  Some of the tests included will be;  noise reaction/sound sensitivity, sight
    sensitivity, touch sensitivity,  restraint testing, social dominance, as well as others.  The testing
    helps us to place pups into homes for the best personality match.   All adopted families will receive a
    written copy of their pups testing results.  
        Our puppies will be ready to go to their new homes at the age of 10 weeks.  We keep them the
    extra two week  because new research has shown that the period from 8 to 10 weeks of age is
    critical in their development with respect to socializing with their litter mates and parents.  This is
    the time that they are really learning to be a dog. There is seldom a new home environment that
    can replicate the time spent with their Mummy, Daddy and litter mates.  After all, how many
    adoptive families have 5 to 7 puppies and parents for them to socialize with?
    Our contract states, among other things, that if for any reason during it's lifetime one of our
    puppies is not able to be kept by it's owner, we must be contacted.  We will either take the
    puppy/dog back, or assist in the placement of the puppy/dog into a new home. If this ever were to
    happen, we would consider it OUR mistake.     One of our dogs can NEVER be sold without our
    approval of the new owner, or placed into a shelter.

    Please remember, a puppy grows into a dog, and it's care is  a lifetime (10-15 +yrs)
    commitment.  Before  you decide on a puppy of any breed, whether from us or
    anyone else, please read the story by author Jim Willis, entitled;
                                                          HOW COULD YOU?


    Before contacting us about a puppy, please make sure the entire family is in
    agreement about adding a KBD to your family.  Also  read the following pages on our
  * Karelian Bear Dog Info             *Beware of Crosses                        *Training

    All puppies will have:

    *  2 year health guarantee (limited) for genetic health defects
    *  Dew claws removed
    *  Micro-chip
    *  All shots current, de wormed
    *  Vet health check prior to travel
    *  Proof of litter registration with United Kennel Club
    *  Individual registration with the United Kennel Club
    *  Proof of litter recording with  AKC FSS
    *  5 generation pedigree
    *  Temperament/personality testing between 7 and 8  weeks of age  (copy of trainer's assessment  
    provided to new family)

    For more information or to request our questionnaire send an email to Gail at the
    link below.  In your initial inquiry, please tell us something about yourself, and also
    be prepared to send pictures and/or videos of yourself and the home and
    environment that the puppy would potentially live in.
                                                CONTACT US
                                                  Gail Rasanen
Tapio showing off to his littermates insdie the puppy kindergarden
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Emily and Abby with the pups
Emily and Tapio
Molly with the pups
RunningBearDog's Sampo - Karelian Bear Dog puppy
Runningbeardog's Sako - Karelian Bear Dog puppy
Maggie and Seide

We are taking an extended break
from breeding, and have no litters
planned at this time.

If you have questions on the KBD
and whether it's the right breed for
you, please read all of the
information on our pages and then I
will be happy to answer any further
questions you may have.