The Chiweenie: Understanding the Risks of the Chihuahua/Dachshund Cross

Most Chiweenie owners will agree that these little dogs can be one of the most loving, intelligent, and adorable companion dogs ever. However, those interested in acquiring a Chiweenie should be aware of the pitfalls.

The Chihuahua/Dachshund cross is sometimes called a designer breed. In reality, it is not a pure breed and does not conform to a breed standard.

The Chihuahua Half

The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog. Chihuahuas were first discovered in Mexico and are a warm weather breed. Preferring sunlight and warmth, they love to sunbathe or tunnel under the covers. For this reason, they also make great lap dogs.

Chihuahuas tend to bond closely with their favorite person or with another Chihuahua and can be very protective for their size. They do not do well when separated from loved ones and may refuse to eat. As with many of the toy breeds, they can suffer from hypoglycemia.

The Dachshund Half

The Dachshund is recognized as a hound by the AKC and was originally bred for hunting badgers. Their long, low and lean body allows them to tunnel into the badger’s den.

Dachshunds are energetic, courageous, and sometimes protective of their territory or favorite person. They are generally tough little dogs but can suffer from disc disease or disc injury due to the elongated spinal column. Their weight should be carefully controlled.

The Blend

The Chiweenie will likely have characteristics from both parents. They are small dogs and if the Chihuahua was crossed with a miniature Dachshund, this Chiweenie will be even smaller. Most of them inherit the long spinal column of the Dachshund. Some have prick ears and some have floppy ears. The Chiweenie tends to shed very little.

Due to their tiny size, they are easy to scoop up and take almost anywhere. This, and the fact that Chiweenies grow very attached to their owner, makes them a great lap dog and companion dog.

Small dogs are sometimes thought of as ‘yappy’ but Chiweenies are not usually excessively so. They do make great alert dogs and can be a bit protective as well.

These little dogs inherit the desire to ‘tunnel’ from both the Chihuahua and the Dachshund so Chiweenie owners can expect to find their tiny dog burrowed under the covers or snuggled into a pile of laundry still warm from the dryer. With their cold nature, warm clothing and booties are a necessity in winter, even for those quick potty breaks.

Acquiring a Chiweenie

Some dog experts warn that ‘designer dogs’ generally come from breeders that have no interest in breed conformation and seek only to profit from the catchy designer name. They claim that many of these dogs come from puppy mills that have more interest in turning a profit than in providing quality housing, food, and vet care for the dogs.

Since inbreeding and early neglect can cause a lifetime of health and behavior issues, it is recommended that those interested in adopting a Chiweenie check with a rescue where all the dogs are evaluated by a veterinarian.

Chiweenie owners who understand their dog and provide proper care can enjoy many years of companionship with this loving pet.